18 April 2006

Toon Tuesday #1: Ben Caldwell

Lately I've been studying the body, right? Well, I had an epiphany the other day while reading out of Ben Caldwell's books "Action! Cartooning" and "Fantasy! Cartooning". It wasn't anything I haven't read or seen before but it clicked. I actually feel kinda silly saying it, but like I said the other day somtimes stating the obvious helps us out. When Ben is constructing his characters he draws a line for the spine first. He then adds two circles. I always knew the circles were to help us know where to draw the torso and waist. What came to me as revelation from the art gods was that those circles were Ben's interpretations of what the rib cage and pelvis are. That shape is the simplified shape Ben has come to understand as the rib cage and pelvis. See? It sounds silly but it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I study the body, I too need to work with the different body parts and come to my own understanding of what they are and the best way to draw them for me. I added a few of his sketches for you to look and see if you understand what I'm talking about. I hope you do (otherwise I might sound like a fool..) :) These images are copyright of Ben Caldwell. For more of his art go to www.daredetectives.com or buy his books (mentioned earlier) at amazon.com or through his website.


Josh said...

Wanna hear something funny? That was the same epiphany I had... after see YOUR spine study! Where you sectioned it off depicting the rib cage, neck, etc. That's when it hit me to use that to help where to place the circles for the rib cage and pelvis! So yeah... thanks!

Jayenti Collins said...

awesome! it's just one big circle of learning :) glad to hear we're learning together and thanks for sharing!