17 April 2006

Masterpiece Monday #1: Chuck Jones

It's a shame that Chuck Jones' personal work isn't more well known than it is. I find his personal art work simply amazing! I chose one of his personal paintings as my first study. Here it is:

I like this picture for several reasons. My older brother has been pounding into me something simple for the last few months. A composition is interesting when you have a foreground, a middle-ground, and a background. It sounds simple but it's amazing how often it is overlooked or forgotten. I say my brother has been pounding it into my brain because I forget about it easily. Here, Mr. Jones used his focus as the foreground. He then has a few umbrellas and a man as his middle-ground, and the homes and fence as the background. These three layers create an interesting composition. I also like how he conveyed the feelings of form on the man and dog by using highlights and shadows. They're not complex. In fact, to me, they look almost block-like but it makes the picture believable because it tricks the eye into seeing form and volume. Lastly, I just really enjoy how there is still some cartoon influence in this work. I love how he can convey reality in such a convincing manner but when you look more closely you still see the animation influence. If there's anything else that caught your eye be sure to share with me! Thanks!!

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