26 February 2009

A Couple Of Ladies

Just a couple of ladies. I totally forgot to ink one's leg and the other's foot. Silly me.


Before Bed

I didn't like much of what I drew today so this is all I'm posting.
Good night.

24 February 2009

A Few Sketches

Here's a few doodles from today. I didn't really like the Daffy sketch while I was working on it but kinda don't think it's too bad looking at it for a second time. Any other opinions out there?


23 February 2009

Another Girl

This was done on a sheet of paper with other sketches and I ran out of room on both the top and bottom of the picture. Believe it or not, over the last few weeks I've been focusing on hands and feet more so I was a little disappointed I didn't have room to draw her feet in this picture. In real life, I find feet overly disgusting and hardly ever nice to look at, but I have had a blast drawing them and hope I get better at it soon!

20 February 2009

Quick Jolina Before Bed

Boy was today busy!! I'm glad that despite just how crazy it was I still made time to draw and to post. That is hopefully a good sign of a step in the right direction. I really hope I can stay dedicated and I really hope that the dedication and practice will yield the results I'm seeking.

Good night!

18 February 2009

I have felt for the last few months that I do not draw enough for myself and the progress of my art has been stagnant. So, I started a regime last week and am proud I've stuck with it for two weeks now (hence the regular posts). My morning sketching went good enough today for me to show you all what I do to start out my day.

First, I do a page (front and back) of 45 second gestures from the posemaniacs website.

Then, I do a face. Sometimes I try to do a charactiture but today I felt like doing a portrait.

Next, I do a study of a figure. Today I was feeling ambitious and included some drapery. I kinda like this drawing today although I'm not thrilled with how the drapery did come out. I also take time with these studies to practice my inking and sometimes some shading.

Lastly, I draw a cartoon character. John K, over on his blog, talks about how doing this really helps you to grow as an artist so I am putting him to the test. I try to focus on construction and once again, I take this chance to try and better my clean line (which you can see needs a lot of work). I try to pick cartoons from all over the spectrum but I do like Looney Tunes a lot. Today's was Goliath.

After I'm done with this I begin work on my freelance designs for Ben 10: Alien Force. Yes, it does take a few hours to do all this each morning but that's why I wake up so early. Nothing good ever comes without sacrifice and effort. Well, here's a group of bad drawings out of the way meaning I'm that much closer to getting rid of my 100,000 and becoming "good" :)


17 February 2009

Nothing Special

Just another one before day's end. Hope tomorrow yields better fruits.


13 February 2009

Scared To Finish

I was drawing this earlier in the morning and, be it far from perfect, the more I completed it the more I liked it and the more I liked the more I was scared I was going to screw it up. Needless to say, the fear of "ugly"fying it won and I stopped. Maybe one day when I'm good I'll finish it.


Obelix Study

Each morning as part of my warm-up I practice construction and clean-up on a classic cartoon character. I usually don't like the way they come out but, even with its mistakes, I like this Obelix picture from this morning.


11 February 2009

A Couple Of Gals

I did some studies of Owen Fitzgerald ladies from the Bob Hope comics.

I suck at drawing hands.


Another Quick Jolina

I like last night's sketch more although I do kinda like her hair in this one....at least her bangs.

10 February 2009

Wow! Two In One Night!

I did this up real fast to thank the four people who are following my "Aswang Art" blog. I am truly flattered. A little confused, but flattered nonetheless.

Small Scribble

Here's a small scribble in hopes I can post more regularly. Thanks to the two of you who come back expecting more :)