14 September 2011

Jun Doodle

It's been awhile since I posted, so, here is a doodle of Jun. Enjoy!!

30 May 2011

Gods and Goddesses Preview

I just finished some illustrations for a follow-up book to "Monster Mythos" that will be about Gods and Goddesses from around the world. Below are some previews of the pieces I contributed to the book. Enjoy!!

13 May 2011

Ruff Illos

UPDATE: Blogger seems to have deleted this post so I'm just posting it again.

Ruff layouts and colors of some illustrations for an upcoming book. Enjoy!

19 April 2011

Paper Art

My church held an art exhibit over the weekend to commemorate Easter. I was able to contribute this piece of paper art. It was a super fun project and I hope to do more in the future (much better than this). Enjoy!!

06 April 2011

Project Ideas

Just putting some ideas onto paper of a project I have floating around in my head. Enjoy!!