07 December 2007

Attack On Fort Collins

Here I am ambushed by my boss, Glen Murakami, and colleague, Eric Cookmeyer. Life is good when you get paid to take NERF darts in the back of the head.

21 September 2007

A Batch of This Week's Warm-ups

I didn't get much drawing in outside of my daily "warm-ups". Hope you enjoy these along with your weekend!

04 September 2007

Airport Sketches

I took a trip to the Dominican Republic for my little brothers wedding and got a lot of airport sketching in. I'm only going to post a few that I liked. Enjoy!


Some random sketches I did a week or so ago.

16 August 2007

I'm Back!!

Sorry for the long time away. I recently got a job at Cartoon Network and am loving it! I have a ton of sketches and will be posting more often....hopefully. Enjoy!!

09 March 2007

22 February 2007

More Sketches

Here's a set of sketches from last night. It was a long sleepless night but I was proud of some of my sketches. Enjoy!!

21 February 2007

My Baby and Some Sketches

Sorry about the drought in posts but my wife and I had our baby on January 8th! He was born healthy and life has been wonderful since!! I'm still adjusting to life with a baby and going back to school but I'm still trying to sketch. Here's a few pictures of my son and some sketches I did the other day during my physics lecture. Enjoy!!