31 May 2006

Toon Tuesday #6: David Colman

My older brother works at Cartoon Network on a show called "Class of 3000" and the lead Character Designer of the show is David Colman. I stumbled across his blog and had contacted him about buying his sketchbook before I found out it was the same David my brother worked with! It really is a small world! Anyway, he was gracious enough to sign a sketchbook and send it home with my brother after I paid for it....he wasn't that gracious :) and I'm here to tell you this cat is talented! Here's a few images from his blog but I suggest you head over there and look at all of 'em for yourself! And, if you can afford it, buy a sketchbook or two! The one I got was a preliminary version and was only $5 but was more then worth it!! All these images were drawn by Mr. Colman and the colored raccoon picture was cleaned up by my brother.


Masterpiece Monday #6: Unknown

I don't know who did this but I love it! I love how the man contrasts his background. I think it not only draws your eye to him, but really sets the attitude of the picture. I know that setting up your main image in the center of the picture is considered bad draftsmanship but there are times and paintings that breaking the rule produces a great image. I think this is one time.

25 May 2006

Last Week's Stuff #3

Lastly, my hand sketches and a few more perspective practices. Thanks for being patient and hope you enjoy!

Last Week's Stuff #2

Some face scribbles and layouts and sketches of mermaids and mer-armies.

Last Week's Stuff #1

Some scribbles of some gangsters and stuff.

23 May 2006

Hold On!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted my sketches for a week now. I have them all I just haven't found the time to scan them in. Here's a picture I did for a challenge at the Dare Detectives Forum to tide you over until I scan them in. Enjoy!!

15 May 2006

Masterpiece Monday #5: Van Gogh

Some Saturday Sketches #2

I've been having tons of fun drawing these layout and bg pictures now that I have a better grasp on the concept. I'm probably going to be doing a lot more of these this week or at least try to take a few of 'em to the next level. Enjoy!!

Friday's Fun Sketches #4

It really is funny to see just how random my sketches get on just one sheet of paper.

Thousand Hand Thursday #4

Add 20 more to the count.

11 May 2006

Wednesday's Perspective Scribbles #4

Today was an excellent day! It was one where my brain had an epiphany and for a second or two I actually understood what I was studying! For some reason my brain opened up and I understood how to layout sketches and keep everyone and everything in perspective. I was happy with myself. I'm not going to post all the sketches I did yesterday but here are my three favorites out of all I did. Enjoy!!

Toon Tuesday #4: Model Sheets

I felt lazy today and didn't want to write much. So, enjoy a couple of model sheets from Super Friends.

08 May 2006

Masterpiece Monday #4: Joaquin Sorolla

A year or two ago in my college Spanish class, we had an assignment to research a famous Spanish painter. I wanted to do one that wasn't known to everyone and spent a good time on the internet trying to find someone I liked and wasn't well known. Well, I think JoaquĆ­n Sorolla has got to be well known in the art community but it was the first time I'd seen his work. It was love at first sight. His use of colors is enchanting. He had the ability to use colors that anyone would think would clash but come together in a harmonious way. He, also, has the best paintings of beaches and sunlight I've seen painted and have yet to find his equal in that sense. I read an article once that described his work as not impressionism but luminism - literally, the painting of light. His earlier works (seen at the bottom) were usually depressing and had social or political statements. I'm glad he turned his back on those and painted his joyous and vibrant beach scenes where we see so much life, light, and fun!

Saturday Inspiration

Mark Kennedy has an amazing blog where he shares his knowledge about art and storyboarding. The address is: http://sevencamels.blogspot.com/ He, to me, is a great teacher because his messages are short, to the point, and easily understood. All his posts are either educational or inspirational. The one I'd like you to read is this one: http://sevencamels.blogspot.com/2006/05/words-of-encouragement.html


Friday's Fun Sketch #3

I didn't have much free time to sketch today but I still got in some Sharpie sketches. Enjoy!!

Thousand Hand Thursday #3

Thursdays are my favorite day of the week now! I absolutlely love drawing these hands (even if they don't always come out looking too good). Again, I colored the ones I liked. There weren't two many good ones in the second batch. I was trying to do them realistic and without reference. I didn't do too well because I didn't use construction lines like I should have. Naughty me!!

04 May 2006

Wednesday's Perspective Scribbles #3

I did this today practicing on interiors. I think it came out decent but I still have a long ways to go...

03 May 2006

Toon Tuesday #3: Mike Kunkel

I chose Mike Kunkel because this cat is talented! Just look closely at the rhythm of his drawings! Everything flows so well and is so smooth and fluid. Nothing feels out of place and it brings this overpowering feeling of wonderment and magic. Mike Kunkel was the first artist I came across whose art invoked music. Every time I look at his drawings I can hear a soft symphony playing in my ear. It's fun and exciting and relaxing all at the same time!

Masterpiece Monday #3: Unknown Artist

My grandfather was a pilot in the USAF and he was stationed for several years in Japan. He fell in love with the people and the culture and his entire home was decorated in Japanese decor. I remember as a child falling in love with all the trinkets and paintings and whatever else he had around. They seemed to me like they came from a different world. I have a soft spot in my heart for Japanese art and I'm also a sucker for a good silhouette. So, imagine my love for the two in one piece! I love simplicity for several reasons but mainly because (at the fear of sounding redundant) it is simple. There is nothing to confuse you or distract you. It is what it is and there's really nothing else more. This painting is so simple but conveys a lot to me. I'm interested first to hear what it conveys to you. Let me know!! Enjoy!

01 May 2006

Some Saturday Sketches

The title pretty much sums it all up. Enjoy!!

Friday's Fun Sketch #2

Here's another sketch I did for sketch it. It wasn't until I was done with the sketch that I realized I did the request wrong so I'm gonna hafta redo it. Oops! Oh well! It was fun and some good practice too!

Thousand Hand Thursday #2

I was able to draw 51 hands today. Not bad but I still made quite a few mistakes. I look forward to the day I can do over a hundred a day and have them drawn correctly. Soon enough....

Wednesday's Perspective Scribbles #2

Just a few more dabblings of perspective.