08 May 2006

Masterpiece Monday #4: Joaquin Sorolla

A year or two ago in my college Spanish class, we had an assignment to research a famous Spanish painter. I wanted to do one that wasn't known to everyone and spent a good time on the internet trying to find someone I liked and wasn't well known. Well, I think JoaquĆ­n Sorolla has got to be well known in the art community but it was the first time I'd seen his work. It was love at first sight. His use of colors is enchanting. He had the ability to use colors that anyone would think would clash but come together in a harmonious way. He, also, has the best paintings of beaches and sunlight I've seen painted and have yet to find his equal in that sense. I read an article once that described his work as not impressionism but luminism - literally, the painting of light. His earlier works (seen at the bottom) were usually depressing and had social or political statements. I'm glad he turned his back on those and painted his joyous and vibrant beach scenes where we see so much life, light, and fun!

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