31 May 2006

Toon Tuesday #6: David Colman

My older brother works at Cartoon Network on a show called "Class of 3000" and the lead Character Designer of the show is David Colman. I stumbled across his blog and had contacted him about buying his sketchbook before I found out it was the same David my brother worked with! It really is a small world! Anyway, he was gracious enough to sign a sketchbook and send it home with my brother after I paid for it....he wasn't that gracious :) and I'm here to tell you this cat is talented! Here's a few images from his blog but I suggest you head over there and look at all of 'em for yourself! And, if you can afford it, buy a sketchbook or two! The one I got was a preliminary version and was only $5 but was more then worth it!! All these images were drawn by Mr. Colman and the colored raccoon picture was cleaned up by my brother.


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