29 October 2008


Well, I got busy and didn't post Monday or Tuesday. I posted more then I usually do in hopes that it'll make up for it.


24 October 2008

Friday's Batch

I did it! I posted everyday this week! (Weekends don't count because I don't have a computer at home.) So, here's hoping I'll pick up where I left off next week.


23 October 2008


Wow! 4 days in a week?! That's almost as much as the I posted the whole year!!

How long will it last?


Freelance Character Designs

Here are my very first designs ever! I got to take the main cast from Ben 10: Alien Force and redress them into bathing suits. It's hard to believe that someone paid me for these. I did some more designs for the show that I'll post every now and then. So, along with these I'd like to give a shout out to Glenn Wong, Glen Murakami, Chap Yaep, Eric Canete, and Norm Ryang. They've been tutoring me with all sorts of drawing goodness. Thanks guys!


21 October 2008

20 October 2008