22 August 2006

10 August 2006

Weekly Challenge: Cartoon Favorites

Just ask my brothers or my wife, I love Puffy AmiYumi! So, here's a small tribute to them I did for a cartooning challenge at the Action! Cartooning Forum. Enjoy!!

It's Been Awhile!

I was surprised to get so many e-mails and comments following-up on me. Thanks everyone for being patient and encouraging. I just finished a summer semester that, along with my job, about worked me to the grave. Good news is I am forever done with Math classes! Better news is I'll be sketching a lot more!! Especially to make up for lost time :) Without further ado here are some sketches I did during the term but didn't have time to post. Some are personal studies, some are studies of other artists, and some are from the good old imagination factory! Enjoy!!