15 August 2014

Closet Geek

A piece for my buddies over at the Closet Geek podcast. Hopefully it was worth the wait!



26 April 2014


I was having trouble boarding a section a few days ago so I stepped away from it and decided to try something I haven't done in almost 10 years. Draw a portrait. Technique is lacking but it did help clear my head.

09 April 2014


Hello! Today I have exciting news! Earlier this morning I launched my kickstarter project When Autism Speaks. Please take the time to watch the video below. If this is something you feel is worth donating to, please follow the link to the kickstarter page and donate what you can. Let's do this!!

17 March 2014

Anniversary Present

Happy 8th Anniversary to the my good friends Skyler and Ashley. To download, click on the picture to open it then right click and "save as."