30 June 2006

Thousand Hand Thursday #2

Didn't get to do too many but I think something clicked upstairs! It's exciting when something like that happens. It makes you feel smart and stupid at the same time. I think it's hilarious!! I feel smart for finally recognizing shapes and construction but so dumb for not seeing it earlier because it seems so simple :) Funny stuff! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

p.s. - Don't forget! Critiques, comments, and/or suggestions are always welcome!

27 June 2006

Monday's Layout & Perspective Scribbles #2

Friday's Faces #1: Random

I appreciate Brian and "King of Drewids" suggestions. I will begin next week with my take on Sherlock Holmes, the following week Watson, and the week after Fili and Kili. I chose this order because Sherlock Holmes has been a favorite of mine since I was a child and I have hundreds of desings floating inside my head. Fili and Kili aren't as familiar so I need a week or two to read and re-read their characters and get some ideas flowing. Thanks again for the help and until next week here are some random faces and some sharpie girls! Enjoy!!

21 June 2006

Wednesday's Weekly Challenge #1

This week's challenge was to draw one of our favorite songs. I couldn't decide on one and then this morning in the shower I remembered an old favorite and drew this quick pic. The song is "Don't Sit Next to Me Just Because I'm Asian" by The Bruce Lee Band. Enjoy!!

Growing up in high school, I thought I was a popular guy
but then I realized something new. It made me want to cry inside.
People are using me for my brain. They don't care about who I am.
That's when I say...

Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian
Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian
Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian

So this guy he sits next to me,But he doesn't know I know what he's thinking
So I fill out my scantron and then I erase and the poor guy fails his final exams to graduate
And people all think we're smart, but I don't want to be your friend
If all you see me for is my intelligent brain and I say...

Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian
Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian
Don't sit next to me, Just because I'm Asian

Tuesday's Animal Studies #1

I had to draw these from photos and will have to keep doing so until I can get to a zoo sometime. I hope they don't look too flat.

Monday's Perspective Scribbles #1

19 June 2006

The New Schedule

Well, with the start of a new schedule due to my classes, I thought it would be fun to have a new schedule to my sketches too. So, without any further ado, my new weekly schedule!!

Monday - Perspective scribbles and layouts
Tuesday - Animal studies
Wednesday - Weekly Challenge (Over at Ben C's Action! Cartooning Forum)
Thursday - Thousands of Hands
Friday - Character Design/Faces

Now, on Friday's, I would like your help. That's right. If any of you have ideas or suggestions for characters (preferrably from books) you would like to see me try my hand at, just send me a note in the comments section. I have a pretty busy schedule and I'll try my hardest to upload my day's sketches the night of but no promises...:) Thanks for stopping by and always feel free to leave me any comments!

14 June 2006


I found this animation today and it's my newest most favorite thing in the world. Check it out, yo!


12 June 2006

Change Is A Comin'!

I just finished with my finals and I'm gonna be taking a couple summer classes too. My schedule is changing and it's going to take me a little while to get used to things. So, I'm going to take the week off of posting and when I come back next week I'm going to start a new sketching schedule. More of that to come later but for now here's a dino picture I did last week. Enjoy!!

05 June 2006

Thousand Hand Thursday #6

I still have yet to reach my goal of a drawing 100 hands in a day. In fact, I have yet to get just 100 done, good or bad. I got 55 done today. The good news is I'm slowly starting to color more and more. My goal isn't too far out of reach...

Wednesday's Perspective Scribbles #6

Not much I know, but I've been busy with work and finals. I'll hopefully have a bucket load next week.