27 June 2006

Friday's Faces #1: Random

I appreciate Brian and "King of Drewids" suggestions. I will begin next week with my take on Sherlock Holmes, the following week Watson, and the week after Fili and Kili. I chose this order because Sherlock Holmes has been a favorite of mine since I was a child and I have hundreds of desings floating inside my head. Fili and Kili aren't as familiar so I need a week or two to read and re-read their characters and get some ideas flowing. Thanks again for the help and until next week here are some random faces and some sharpie girls! Enjoy!!


Patrick said...

Don't forget about Mycroft Holmes. Sherlock Holmes' older and SMARTER brother.

Anonymous said...

you are seriously dedicated to your work. great face and hand studies.


Alikins said...

I love these!