30 June 2006

Thousand Hand Thursday #2

Didn't get to do too many but I think something clicked upstairs! It's exciting when something like that happens. It makes you feel smart and stupid at the same time. I think it's hilarious!! I feel smart for finally recognizing shapes and construction but so dumb for not seeing it earlier because it seems so simple :) Funny stuff! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!

p.s. - Don't forget! Critiques, comments, and/or suggestions are always welcome!


Drew said...

I must say that your hands are getting very good. Keep up what your doing...

Josh said...

*natives get restless... no art in more than a month*

Hope things are well... these hands look great!

Julián höek said...

i posted a coment here some month ago and now checking my old mails i saw your response to it and i thought about checking out how you one hundred thousand drawins were going and WOW! i'm seeing a lot of progress here! but you haven't post anything for more than a month? come on keep those drawings coming!
best of luck
julian from argentina