23 May 2006

Hold On!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted my sketches for a week now. I have them all I just haven't found the time to scan them in. Here's a picture I did for a challenge at the Dare Detectives Forum to tide you over until I scan them in. Enjoy!!


Julián höek said...

hello there!
i was reading somebody's post in the drawignboard and it was about getting motivated. you answered that guy and then i visited your blog.
i think it's a great exercice what you are doing. i don't know if you ever have a motivational issue but i had and it sucked. but i remember the day i snap out of it and started to draw as much as i can and where ever i could. one of the things that help be out was a litle sketch book i bought and a couple of days later i started my blog posting what i did during the day (mostly train doodles couse i have like an hour and a half trip to collage) and it was great to me. some time later i got a job drawing at an animated feature movie here in argentina where i'm from. now the movie is done and i'm againg looking for motivation to do a new porfolio 'couse i'm out of a job. i had a couple of ideas on my mind to start to do and your blog has inspired me to draw stuff by day themes. it would be a great way to practice and keep on learning.
i have a couple of questions for you like where did you get the idea beside the chuck jones quote of the 100000 bad drawings? i mean of having a topic to draw every day. and what are you studing?
well keep on going till you reach your number!
julian from argentina

Anonymous said...

Nice colors.

You can definitely see Ben's influence.

David Colman said...

ha ha...no way!!!!! I didnt even put two and two together!!

just give your bro 5 bones and I would be happy to sign it for you...