17 April 2006

Saturday's Treat

I didn't have time to sketch at all on Saturday. I spent the day painting my room with my wife. I never would have thought a room as small as ours would take so long to paint! Well, since I don't have any artwork to share I'll share some quotes by Robert Hale I found in my studies. They all have to do with understanding what's beneath the surface to improve our art. Enjoy!!

"First we draw what we see;
then we draw what we know;
finally we see what we know."

How true! When we all start to draw we copy exactly what we see, but as we understand more what we're drawing we don't copy. We create. I'm only on step two so I have yet to see what I know but I look forward to the day I do!

"Function makes form."

When we understand the purpose of a muscle, a tendon, or a bone we will understand why it looks like it does.

"You can't draw anything unless you know it exists."

Sometimes stating the obvious wakes us up and helps us get back to learning the basics.

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