14 April 2006

Thursday's Hand Studies

I spend an hour to an hour and a half each morning studying the human anatomy before going into work each morning. The rest of the day (work during the day and classes at night) is the time I have to draw the themes I set up for myself. So, when I have a busy day at work and a long night of homework I sometimes don't get as much drawing done as I would have liked. Like today, I only had time to draw 22 hands! 22! That's not very many. Oh well, here are the ones I did draw. Some I copied from handouts my older brother gave me, some are from Ben Caldwell's book Fantasy! Cartooning, others I did myself. Well, I can look forward to drawing more next week!


Small Potato said...

thank you for ur help! I like ur blog pretty much! the things here are useful for me! keep movin on!

Josh said...

These studies are amazing! Thank you for posting and here's to looking forward to more!

Jayenti Collins said...

thanks guys! there will be plenty more considering i still have 999,988 bad drawings left! :)