14 April 2006

Thursday Upper Leg Study

The body is so fascinating. The more I study it the more fascinating it becomes. The good news is I just barely started so I have a lot more to be fascinated with!! My study of the upper leg was fun. The only bone in the upper leg is the femur and is about two heads tall from top to bottom. The pelvis has hole in it for the leg bone. To find it you construct an arc from the widest point of the pelvis to the bottom most point and it will be around the midway mark. The hole points down and to the outside. The head of the femur fits in the hole, connects with the neck of the bone, which in turn connects with the great tronchanter. Now, the great tronchater is a landmark for artists. It is the halfway point of the human body. Remembering the pelvis yesterday, it is on the same horizontal line as the top of the second triangle, or the pubic area. On the bottom of the femur is the patella which protects the knee joint.

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