02 November 2010

Reference Art

While I worked on the "Monster Mythos" book, I looked at and used a lot of art by a lot of artists to help me out. From Ben Caldwell to N.C. Wyeth, from Eric Canete to Alex Toth, and from Mary Blair to countless artists I'm unfamiliar with but was fortunate to find their art on the internet. Below are reference pages I made that I used to help inspire and create my illustrations. I could not have done it without them.  I hope one day I can be as good as them in my own right. For now, I want to thank all the artists out their who do inspire me and whose art helped me finish the book and continues to inspire me to become better. Cheers!

Looking at these again I'm noticing how much of this stuff I blatantly ripped off. Jeez!! Talk about unoriginal! Maybe next time I do something I'll do something original...

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