04 November 2010

Monster Mythos FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!

Several months ago I took part in an effort to produce "Monster Mythos: A Folklore Bestiary". It's a book where 19 artists illustrated 50 monsters from around the world for your viewing pleasure. Below are snippets from three of the five illustrations that I did. The books are finally available for purchase on this blog so come and get 'em! If you want it personalized then be sure to put the name of the lucky recipient in the "DEDICATED TO" box.

The first 50 buyers to purchase a book from me will also get this signed and numbered digital print. An 8.5"x11" illustration of a Filipina seeing her first Bulalacao. Act fast before supplies run out!!

Be sure to check out the previous post that talks about all those whose art inspired and helped me finish this project. I feel as though my talents are insufficient and I could not have done it without them.


Eric Aaron Peters said...

Got my copy of the book today! Very cool. Love the print too!

T. Jayenti Collins said...

Glad to hear it! Be sure to tell your family and friends!! :)