24 May 2010

Look Ma! I'm on TV!!

I got to design myself to be one of the incidentals in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Here's a screengrab of me sitting behind Ben, Kevin, and Gwen at a tennis match in the episode "Duped".

Here is the model sheet of the design I did that was colored by our color stylist Chris Hooten. They changed my hoodie color to red from black so that the character wouldn't turn into an amorphous blob.

This was the original design I did of myself. I tried adding the flame logo to my clothes because I'm a HUGE Calgary Flames fan and I'm always wearing their merchandise. Glen wanted me to get rid of the logo to make sure no one sued the studio. :(

Enjoy!! Be sure to look for me in future episodes. I'm usually mixed into a large crowd but my red hoodie makes me stand out quite a bit :)


Thomas Yamaoka said...


patrick said...

was that a peter parker mary jane homage? or just two kids?
or did i miss the point cause ive had a few glasses of whatever...