01 September 2009

A Long Awaited Jolina Update

Well, I finally got around to finishing a personal design of mine. Her name is Jolina and she's a character for a story I got rolling around in my head. She's a Bulalacao from Filipino mythology which is their explanation of a shooting star. I still might have to tweak a few things here or there but it's basically done. I am excited!!

I'm not only excited that I finished her design but I have also found someone to sculpt her into a maquette for me. His name is Seth Astle and I was quite impressed with the photos he sent me of previous sculptures he's done. When I find the address to his blog I'll be sure to post it. I'm going to continue doing things with this new design so keep an eye out! Also, keep coming back for periodic updates and photos of the sculpting process.

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