24 January 2008

On The Clock

Well, Eric Canete has decided that I am "on the clock". What does that mean? Neither of us are too sure but we both think it means I'm in for it if I don't start posting more artwork. It's not that I haven't been drawing but that a lot of what I've been working on I can't post. So, Eric has pushed me to be a little more creative with my personal art. Well, here are some drawings and I guess you can expect me to keep posting until the office bully...*cough*..Canete..*cough*...let's me be lazy again...

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Tick-tock, rick-tock, TJ Collins. You're a few months behind updating this hear 'Art' blog and the previous one doesn't count because it's effin' video of you getting Nerfed to death.

What...you don't like drawing or something?

"You're on the clock, mister.." as my uncle would say.