17 November 2006

Trying To Color

yeah. i have no idea how to color so here was an attempt to color one of my sharpie sketches. if any one has tips, critiques, comments, or suggestions they are more then welcome to leave them. thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

looks good.
I like to convert to greyscale near the finish to see that the tones balance well- and back to rgb for the final touches.

Screen Mode, Overlay and Multiply are your friends.

Here's a tutorial that helped me:

best of luck!

Jo Bling said...

Jayenti, these aint all bad, there's some cracking stuff here! :-D

Chrissie A said...

I think this is a lovely start! I really like the colors (as well as the simplicity of the figure.) The only thing I'd suggest is perhaps more contrast with the background so the figure comes forward a bit more.